“KIOW Cares” with Todd Nichols of Next Response Foundation (May 26th, 2023)

“KIOW Cares” with Todd Nichols of Next Response Foundation (May 26th, 2023)

Todd Nichols Brings Next Response Foundation to the Airwaves on "KIOW Cares"

Todd Nichols, the driving force behind the Next Response Foundation, recently graced the airwaves of Iowa's KIOW 107.3 FM on their segment "KIOW Cares." During the interview, Nichols delved into the foundation's mission and the exciting upcoming DenimFest music festival.

Next Response Foundation on the Radio

KIOW 107.3 FM hosted Todd Nichols to shed light on the vital work being done by the Next Response Foundation. The foundation, known for its dedication to supporting veterans and first responders, has been making significant strides in community support and outreach.

DenimFest: Music with a Mission

The discussion also highlighted DenimFest, a festival that combines great music with a great cause. DenimFest is not just a celebration of music and culture but also a platform to raise awareness and funds for the heroes served by the Next Response Foundation.

Listen to the Full Interview

To hear Todd Nichols speak about the foundation's impactful work and the synergy between DenimFest and the foundation's goals, listen to the full interview on KIOW's website:

Listen to "KIOW Cares with Todd Nichols" - May 26th, 2023


Todd Nichols' appearance on "KIOW Cares" is a testament to the community's interest in supporting those who have dedicated their lives to service. The Next Response Foundation continues to inspire and mobilize support through events like DenimFest and partnerships with local media. Stay tuned for more updates and get involved with a foundation that's making a tangible difference.

To get involved with the Next Response Foundation and to take part in the "11.11.11 Challenge," head to NextResponse.org. Together, we can ensure that the heroes who work tirelessly for our safety and freedom receive the support they truly deserve.

Updated: 2023-05-26


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